Positioning Business is one of our core businesses developing with the advance of the optical and surveying technologies since its establishment. TOPCON is one of three top manufacturers of Positioning instruments in the world. Recently, TOPCON is developing new technologies integrating its backbone technologies, which are Machine Control, Image Analysis and GPS technologies.

TOPCON Corporation, TSH’s parent company in Japan, is world leading Optomechatronics – Optics, Mechatronics, Electronics – manufacturer since its establishment, 1932. The Topcon name carries a reputation of integrity and products of the highest quality, receiving ISO 9001 certification for both its positioning and medical divisions. Topcon has revenues of over $600 million annually and employs over 3,000 people worldwide with 14 domestic subsidiaries, and 26 overseas sales and manufacturing subsidiaries.

Topcon Products


(Digital Level)

Digital Level
Digital Level
501 - 502 - 503
  • One Button Triggers Measurement and Data Storage
  • 0.6mm/0.8mm Height Accuracy
  • Advanced RAB Code Technology
  • Pre-installed Measurement Programs
  • Height Difference Measurement
  • Inverse Staff Reading for Ceiling Height
  • Internal Memory

Simple Button Operation!

After focusing on the staff, just press one button. The DL-500 reads height and distance, and stores data. Digital technology eliminates misreading and reduces operator’s eye fatigue.

“Wave-and-Read” The World’s First Technology

DL-500 tracks the RAB Code staff waved back and forth, and automatically reads the correct height.
The staff reading becomes the minimum when it stands vertically. The DL-500 automatically finds the least value of staff readings.
This world’s first technology allows for error-free readings of waved staff, while dramatically reducing the operator’s eyestrain

Auto Level
Auto Level
ATB 2, ATB 3, ATB 4

Super quick leveling with stabilized line of sight

Thanks to the finely tuned autocollimation system, the AT-B series of auto levels is ideal for determining height differentials on busy and noisy job sites. With a small and lightweight design, they have excellent horizontal circle visibility, superior gear ratios for shock and vibration, and improved tangents and knobs.

  • 3 Models – 32x, 28x and 24x magnifications
  • Rapid, accurate, and stable automatic compensation
  • Ultra-short 20cm focusing
  • All-weather dependability
  • Endless fine horizontal adjustments

Work in all conditions

The AT-B series levels feature world-class auto-compensation, incorporating four low thermal expansion suspension wires. This gives you a stabilised line of sight for perfect measurements when working on busy sites or near heavy machinery.

An IPX6 rating ensures that the AT-B is tested to withstand sudden showers or torrential rainfall. The advanced protection design also prevents clouding or condensation inside the telescope.